Brief Summary on Religion

The Church of Althohs and other religion in Althohs

Ia created Althohs and the race of Lovihr from the water on Althohs, and Althohs created the race of Favihr from the rock of the Rosche Mountains. Althohs named her firstborn Ahvin and Ahvin and the first Favihr have since worshiped Althohs greatly. Ahvin and the first Favihr constructed the Great Chapel in the Stone City of Alunah and established The Church of Althohs. The religion has remained predominantly the same since it’s inception in 499 BWG, with minor differences depending on location on Althohs. The Lovihr love Althohs, for she provides them with food and shelter, but do not worship her in the way the Favihr have been known to. After all, the Lovihr are the children of Ia, not Althohs. The Lovihr, having been borne of a more experienced entity, feel the life force of Althohs and her creations flowing through them. At least once a day, a Lovihr might meditate to feel this force more fully, as being physically active tends to impede the flow. With this ability, the Lovihr are more connected to the planet and it’s creatures than any Favihr could possibly conceive.


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