World Map Rough Draft


Above is my rough draft for my world “Althohs” prior to the “Wrenching of the Green” and the fall of Trefys. There is no legend yet, so I’ll give a quick walkthrough of the more important elements. Alunir, Trefys and Novo are the three major landmasses, Theig and Euras (Nicknamed “The Sickle”) and Narvor are minor ones. There are four major cities on Althohs: Nishaira and Luene in Novo, Trefys in Trefys, and Alunah in Alunir. So far I’ve only established two minor cities: Syle in Trefys and Leeme in Euras. Mountain ranges and forests should hopefully be obvious; grasslands are green, frozen regions are light blue and deserts are orange. The strange swirl in the Obtuse Sea (Which may change names) might be a whirlpool known for causing great destruction and coastal shipwrecks near the Sylic Bay and the Euran Glacier Coast, but that also has yet to be decided. Specific city locations within their respective regions is not yet set in stone, but Luene will almost certainly be right where it’s title appears: in the middle of the Lynwood.