Brief Summary on Magic

Magical Occurrences and Phenomenon in Althohs

I don’t plan on magic being something inhabitants of Althohs can conjure or practice. Magic will be in reference to events and phenomenon caused by Althohs, such as the changing of landscapes, the creation of living plants and beings, and dynamic weather systems. The only exception for a being having the ability to conjure magic are those extreme few who are imbued with the ability by Althohs, and even then it’s limited. Despite the fact that no average being can conjure the abilities of Althohs, there are mystic cults devoted to the study of magical phenomenon and the pursuit of magical knowledge. The religious fanatics generally shun these mystics, as followers of the Church of Althohs believe the work of Althohs to be miraculous occurrences and radical followers believe that studying these happenings scientifically is akin to diminishing the holy power within and throughout Althohs.

The Lovihr are more likely to sense Althohs’ power flowing through their surroundings, being children of Ia like Althohs. This however, much like with the Favihr, doesn’t mean they’re anymore likely to receive the powers of Althohs. These powers are only granted to one in times of dire need.