Brief Summary on Technology

Technological Advancements and Major Discoveries

The technology on Althohs is very similar to the kind of technology you might find in the late medieval period, with the inclusion of a gunpowder type substance called ‘blastpowder’, and a floating mineral mined from beneath a couple of deserts. This mineral is the cause of many military entanglements among the nations of early Althohs. The primary weapons of choice on Althohs by the Favihr are swords and other medieval style melee weapons. It wasn’t until much later that early versions of guns were invented by the Alunans, who discovered the blastpowder ore in the Alunir tundra. The Nishairans discovered blastpowder in the frozen regions of The Sickle around the same time, but their inventors came up with an improved firebomb replacement that they dubbed a blastjar. These weapons were used in tandem with the preexistent melee weapons that dominated the battlefield. The Lovihr developed different weapons, existing on their own for some time, and in the heavily wooded regions of southern Novo, a continent which at the time, had been given a different name by these forest dwellers. Having been gifted with the talents of woodworking by Ia, the Lovihr created bows, slings, and wooden throwing discs called avirans. It wasn’t until the Lovihr of the Lynwood and the Favihr of Novo worked in tandem to build the city of Nishaira that the Lovihr would learn how to metalsmith. With the discovery of the floating mineral in Novo, the Nishairans developed flying battleships that gave them a massive advantage on the field of battle, and it was many years before Alunah would develop weapons with similar capabilities. Siege weapons were used quite often, primarily engines the likes of trebuchets, ballistas, catapults, rams, and towers. Althohs, disgusted with it’s warring inhabitants, promised to remove the soil from beneath their feet and poison their surroundings. Reacting to these threats, the major cities of Alunah, Nishaira and Luene (with the help of Nishaira) began to take drastic measure, developing ways to levitate off the surface of Althohs, and avoid the bleak future. Alunah and Nishaira both succeeded completely, whereas Luene lost a third of the city upon it’s departure. Trefys remained on the surface and was subsequently demolished by what came to be known as the Wrenching of the Green. Alunah, Nishaira and Luene, now above the clouds of Althohs, continued to wage war against one another.