Current Timeline of Althohs (incomplete)

althohs500 BWG

The race of man is created in the Lowoods of Alunir.

498 BWG

The founding of the Stone City of Alunah in Alunir by Ahvin Gom, at the base of the Rosche. Mountains. Built in six years.

492 BWG

The Stone City of Alunah is completed in Alunir.

484 BWG

King Ahvin sends his son Nisch to explore the land south of the Terg River and the Falmun Range.

483 BWG

Nisch and his crew pass The Stalk and discover the islands of Plaia and Narvor in the Calsea.

Nisch’s crew discovers the island of Seng in the Bay of Almos.

482 BWG

Nisch lands ion the shores of the Bay of Almos and names the new land Ahvoh for his father

Nisch, in traveling southward through Ahvoh, discovers the Wooden City of Luene in the Lynwood and the race of Lovihr that inhabit it. Enamored by the beauty of Luene, Nisch sets out to construct his own civilization.

481 BWG

Nisch and the other Ahvans befriend the Lovihr despite language differences, by developing a new language with the help of Ahvan and Luean linguists.

The Lovihr of Luene help construct the Great City of Nishaira in the Bay of Almos, blending the superior stonework of the Ahvans and the detailed woodwork of the Lueans. Construction takes eleven years.

480 BWG

King Ahvin, concerned by the long silence of his son, sends a courier to speak to Nisch in Ahvoh.

478 BWG

The courier arrives at the docks of an uncompleted Nishaira.

Nisch tells the courier of his intention to remain in Ahvoh and construct his own empire like his father before him.

476 BWG

The courier delivers the message to Ahvin, who is displeased and somewhat threatened by his son’s decision. He sends a falcon back to Ahvoh warning Nisch that if he remains there, he and his followers will be labeled traitors of Alunah.

475 BWG

The falcon arrives in Ahvoh.

Nisch, upset by his father’s willingness to betray him, defies Ahvin’s threat.

474 BWG

Ahvin dispatches a fleet of ships to the Bay of Almos.

472 BWG

The Alunan warships arrive in the Bay of Almos, and the Battle of Ahvoh ensues. Alunah loyalists in Ahvoh stage an uprising from within Nishaira to assist the Alunan troops.

To the surprise of the Alunans, Luean troops support the Ahvans in battle, destroying most of the Alunan fleet and driving away the remaining few. Nisch renames Ahvoh Novo.

471 BWG

Kell Raptain, Nishairan emissary, discovers blastpowder ore in the Lovhic territory of Euras (nicknamed The Sickle by the Nishairans). Raptain builds a mine and establishes the town of Leeme and remains there to serve as Governor.

470 BWG

The Great City of Nishaira is completed in Novo.

469 BWG

Nishairan scientist, Vehnn Parlec, discovers a strange malleable mineral in the Novic Desert. The mineral appears to have levitative qualities. The qualities are immediately studied by Nishairan engineers.

468 BWG

Nishairan engineers weave the mineral into nets and tether them to ships. Heating the nets with steam causes them to propel the ship through the air.

Ahvin deploys troops to enter Novo from the north through the Terg Wetlands and the

467 BWG

Nishairan watchers in the Lostz Tower of the Falmun Range see Alunan troops approaching the Terg Wetlands and send a falcon to Nishaira. Nisch deploys his new skyships and firebombs the Alunan troops, who where aghast by Nishaira’s new technology. The Alunans suffered yet another bitter defeat, but one of the Alunan soldiers managed to recover a piece of a fallen skyship.

465 BWG

Ahvin learns of the special mineral via the debris from the Battle of the Terg and orders his best explorers and scientists to set out in search of their own source or this mysterious mineral.

463 BWG

The exploration leader, Honig Dremmur, discovers a continent to the southwest which he names Trefys.

460 BWG

Dremmur’s lead scientist, Baug Lis, discovers the mineral in the Sylic Desert after three years of excavation. Dremmur dispatches a falcon with the news to Ahvin.

459 BWG

Ahvin dispatches thousands of excavation teams to Dremmur’s site in Trefys on ten ships.

456 BWG

Mass excavation of the mineral by Alunah in Trefys begins.

454 BWG

Lis suggests to Dremmur that they stay at the site and form a settlement separate from Alunah, like Nisch did in Novo, but Dremmur is angered by the prospect and tells Lis that he will pay for his treacherous thoughts. Lis kills Dremmur.

Lis announces his decision to the excavation settlers, and many who disagreed with these traitorous actions returned to Alunah, or were killed by the Trefians. Lis sends an emissary, Lib Karmik, across the Calsea to ask for aid from Nisch.

452 BWG

The Alunah loyalists from Trefys arrive in Alunah and tell Ahvin of the traitors. Ahvin deploys a small fleet to deal with the defectors.

The Trefian emissary Karmik arrives at the Nishairan outpost in Narvor and a falcon is sent to Nisch requesting support.

454 BWG

The Trefian Revolution begins as Alunan ships land on Trefys south of the Ardwood. The conflict appears to be in favor of the Alunans for once, until Karmik and a fleet of Nishairan skyships arrives and dispels the row. The Alunans pull back into Theig and set up camp. Nishaira pulls back to Narvor.

Trefians begin to build the infrastructure of a city, surrounded by the excavation sites.

453 BWG

Alunah attacks again and destroys most of Trefys, seizing control of the city. Lis is publicly decapitated, but Karmik and other Lis supporters flee to the south and build the town of Syle.

Alunah builds over the ruins of Trefys and continues mining the mineral.

Alunah builds a watch post settlement on the Brumm Shelf to watch for Nishairan reinforcements from Norvor across the Calsea.althohs


World Map Rough Draft


Above is my rough draft for my world “Althohs” prior to the “Wrenching of the Green” and the fall of Trefys. There is no legend yet, so I’ll give a quick walkthrough of the more important elements. Alunir, Trefys and Novo are the three major landmasses, Theig and Euras (Nicknamed “The Sickle”) and Narvor are minor ones. There are four major cities on Althohs: Nishaira and Luene in Novo, Trefys in Trefys, and Alunah in Alunir. So far I’ve only established two minor cities: Syle in Trefys and Leeme in Euras. Mountain ranges and forests should hopefully be obvious; grasslands are green, frozen regions are light blue and deserts are orange. The strange swirl in the Obtuse Sea (Which may change names) might be a whirlpool known for causing great destruction and coastal shipwrecks near the Sylic Bay and the Euran Glacier Coast, but that also has yet to be decided. Specific city locations within their respective regions is not yet set in stone, but Luene will almost certainly be right where it’s title appears: in the middle of the Lynwood.